Our Story

Hi! I’m Hazel Wain – the author and illustrator behind Blue Bird Learning Books! I am so excited to share my books with you, and hope that you enjoy using them as much as I do!

I started creating my first set of books while I was teaching Grade 1 at Maritzburg Prep. I am passionate about great learning content that is presented in a fun and engaging way, however struggled to find material that was suitable for all my learners needs. After a long search for vibrant, meaningful learning material to use for the learners in my class I realised there was a gaping hole where such content should be. It was then that “Blue Bird Learning Books” was born. I had found that an interactive workbook was a great help in my classroom and wanted to share this with others.

It has been a long process to get things to where we are today. I had no idea that a few worksheets I was creating for my class would one day turn into Blue Bird Learning Books! A big shoutout to my surgeon by day, cheerleader-to-almost-exhausted-author husband by night. Howard Wain, I could not have done this without your constant assurance and support, (and financial backing, hahaha).

And I must mention a very special Heidi Hawyes, who lovingly created my first website for me just so that I could have a little store. Wow! we did not know a few years down the line it would become the main hub of a growing business. Heidi Hawyes is my big sister, who happens to own her own Graphic Design company, Heidi Hawyes Graphic Design, How lucky am I to have all this talent at my finger tips. She has now created my second website, as we felt we needed a fresh, user friendly site. I CAN’T THANK YOU ENOUGH HEIDI!!!

I now have two very lively little boys who keep me very busy, so don’t be surprised if a little person answers your call when you phone with a query. I do my best to provide the best services to my clients and appreciate all the support and encouragement from everyone who has helped me grow my books into a business.

I am currently working with Catherine Fickling to create a set of Grade R and RR books. So keep a close eye on our website for updates on that!

As a publisher, Blue Bird Learning Books is built on offering an exciting and stimulating range of Curriculum compliant easy-to-use educational material. I am confident that the current content of these books will bring the fun back into learning for both you and your young learners.