A List Of Best 5 Android Launcher App In 2018

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Aperio tweak brings a small and useful app launcher to the lockscreen, which enables users to quickly launch their favorite apps without going to the home screen first. The tweak can be used to instantly launch an app after a Face ID unlock. Turn TalkBack / Screen Reader Off From a Home screen, swipe up to access all apps. Tap ‘OK’ or ‘TURN OFF’ to highlight it then double tap to select. The best Launcher, storage and sorting of applications by category, possible to hide certain apps, customizable home screen, gesture management, practically perfect. Smart Launcher has a sorted app folder that categorizes all your apps into six major categories, communication, internet, games, media, utilities, and settings.

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There is always one buddy or the other who loves to snoop on your phone. Be it a WhatsApp chat or the Gallery, the moment they lay eyes on it, it’s like an open invitation. Though app lockers help to keep the sensitive apps locked up, but if you ask me, I find it a bit annoying to use. Punching in the PIN or drawing the pattern every time I want to check on an incoming message is not my cup of tea.

How To Hide Apps From Androids App Drawer With Nova Launcher

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It does, however, provide a few more functionalities that you will not find on some of the launchers included in this list. The moment you launch the app, you’ll be greeted with configuration and a few options that allow the app to determine the best home screen design for you. One cool thing about this launcher is that it allows you to migrate settings from Nova Launcher. So, if you’ve previously or have used Nova Launcher and moving to Evie launcher, the app will allow you to migrate your personal settings from the time you were using the Nova launcher.

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If you’re using a different model, you may need a third-party tool like Nova Launcher to hide your apps. And if you just want to stop seeing pre-installed apps you use never use, you can usually disable them in your settings. Nova Launcher has become synonymous with the best Android launchers for quite some time. It’s heavily customizable, letting you change different things from app icon style, icon size, app drawer, and much more. Add in support for icon and theme packs, and you open up a whole new Apex Launcher world of customization possibilities.